Bentley Connectors

Hi guys

Looking at your Roadmap it shows that your working on Bentley Connectors.

Is there a timeline for this? Do you need/want any testers or any support.

I’m not a full blown developer, more an enthusiast but willing to help.

I’m really looking for a solution to sharing of data between C3D and OpenRoads Designer (as well as other software)

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Hello @Chris_Andrew ! Yes Bentley connectors are in the works - they are being developed and maintained by and @daviddekoning at Arup. Basic geometry is supported, and a few civil elements such as alignments, profiles, and corridors can currently be sent from OpenRoads.

I believe a release date is still TBD (ping but help with testing and feedback about Civil3D ↔ OpenRoads conversions would be very welcome!


Thanks @clrkng and @daviddekoning would be good if you could either show me what your working on, allow me to help or give me pointers to start on my own.

Hi @Chris_Andrew! We are glad that you are excited about the bentley connectors! We will be making an official announcement and sharing the code shortly. We will keep you posted.


Excellent news @daviddekoning. Again any support, testing you may need, I am willing to help.