Bake Attribute User text in Rhino

Is it possible to bake the metadata (Attribute User Text) in SpeckleRhino? I was able to collect the attributes in GH and retrieve them back with data receiver, but in Rhino no success. Is there’s a possible solution?

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Hi Francois!

I see it’s your first post so welcome to the community!

Currently this is not a feature that is supported natively by Speckle, but don’t loose hope! There are 2 amazing plugins that deal with setting up complex baking procedures from GH to Rhino (including layers, metadata, etc). These are Human and, my personal favorite for baking, Elefront

It wouldn’t be too difficult to set it up to get the result you’re looking for.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Alan,
First off, thank you for the warm welcome. I tried using Elefront as suggested and the good news is that it does bake the attributes and the geometry, the bad news is that the bake keeps generating new Breps and does not consume the previous one like SpeckleRhino would do.

Thank you for the help

A quick hint: speckle rhino, IIRC, actually does bake the custom attributes, but inside the UserDictionary field of the object, rather than the UserStrings (for which there is a UI panel in Rhino native, and is what Elefront and Human use). This is because we allow metadata to be as nested as you want/need it to be.

So, theoretically, if you receive a brep with user data in rhino, and bake it, if you reference it back into gh you probably can extract its metadata out again.

What is the workflow you’re trying to enact? if we understand it better we’ll be able to hopefully be more helpful!

What I’m trying to achieve is to have multi users inside one Rhino model. We work on a curtain wall project where we have a wireframe of the building and we built surfaces on top of wireframe. These surfaces act has a place holder to carry the metadata.

The issue we are having is that only one person at the time can be inside the model to either change the status (in the attribute) or modify a surface. Essentially, we would like to have a central model and have users to “relinquish” as needed.

So far, the only issue we are having with Speckle is modifying the metadata. I understand what you are saying with the UserDictionary, but without being able to use the UI panel in rhino, that would be hard to manage.
Hope that clarifies,
Thank you


I understand, and thank you for taking the time to explain what you’re up to. Yes, i’m afraid there’s no easy fix on this one from our side. It does sound a bit of a McNeel issue - it’s a pity user dictionaries are not more visible within Rhino.

If I have time, I’ll ask on their forum about this, and ping @luis who’s bound to be lurking around here :slight_smile:

Just jumping back in to your previous problem with Elefront. I think what you are missing is adding a some name to the bakeName input. Once you do that, the previously baked items will be deleted before a new bake. :+1:


Alan, you are the man! yes it did solve the issue. Thank you!!!