Azure AD Strategy for v2

Hi. Just wondering if anyone is working on adding an Azure AD authentication strategy to v2?

Happy to pick up where someone else has left off.

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Hi, welcome to the forum! (better place than slack). The last I’ve heard from @sbreslav, he sent me a link to his fork right here.

I actually managed to finally get an Azure account this week, so I’ll be able to test it up and merge it if you’re going start hacking on it!

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Thanks for the link. It’s seems pretty straight forward so I’ll create a PR and you can check if you’re happy with the naming etc.

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Hi @dimitrie, just a warning, I wasn’t actually able to get the version that uses passport-azure-ad lib to work. Not sure why, just didn’t have much time to debug, sorry about that. But I did get passport-azure-ad-oauth2 library to work, here is the link to that: speckle-server/azure.js at ad2-auth-provider · trax-gd/speckle-server · GitHub

The downside of passport-azure-ad-oauth2 lib is that it hasn’t been updated in a long while…

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Thanks @sbreslav loads of help.

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@sbreslav @dimitrie here is my first go feat(auth): 🙈 Add Azure AD auth option by peterjgrainger · Pull Request #204 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub Let me know if the logic looks OK?


Sweet, it’s merged in now - and you should have gotten the nice golden contributor brick :sunglasses: