Automate / save import filtser Revit -> Excel

Hello speckle Community,

I want to extract specific data from my Revit model from the Speckle cloud. I do succeed in this, thou is their a way to save the filter i put on?

I wan tot extract the following data on Wall, Roof, Windows, Doors, Ceilings, Stair:

  • Type
  • Category
  • Family
  • Area

It doesnt seem as much, but for every import i need to find the correct area under parameters etc. for every category. Is there a way to optimize this and avoid errors in my workflow?

Hey @Lasse ,

Have you tried creating schedules in Revit for those and sending those schedules to Speckle?

Hello @gokermu, once again, thank you for the input!

The main goal of this was to avoid making the schedules. It would be quite easy to make the schedules as a default in the revit template in the firm i’m working at. Though if we are recieving Revit models from external companies, this type of schedule may not be a default.

This is why i wanted to investigate if there were an “save function” for the filter function. This way no mater what type of revit model i recieve, i would be able to extract the data from comment 1.

Does this mean, that there is no way of saving the ‘filter’?