AutoCAD Commit Creating Lines from Origin Point in Speckle

As I pushed CAD elements from AutoCAD to speckle, surfaces tying the elements to the origin point appeared. Is this a setting that can be turned off?

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:wave: Hi @bcall!

Not sure what could be happening here, and our in-house expert in the ACAD connector, @clrkng, may not be available to check it out until next week.

Meanwhile, would it be possible to share the stream where this happens with us?

It would also help to have the original file (if possible) so we could test things on our end. You can send it privately if sharing it publicly here is not an option :+1:t3:

Does this happen in the viewer only? Or also when you receive the geometry in other connector?

Hi Alan,

It looks like this is only happening in the web viewer. When I pull the elements into Revit, it is no longer an issue.

I have added you as a contributor on the stream, as well as Claire, but I can’t share the original file.

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Hi @bcall ,

Can you please share the stream with me so I can have a look?


Also, @bcall can you please tell us what type of elements are the affected ones? I tried on my end with some simple geometries and could not replicate :slight_smile: Maybe share a file with just one of two sample elements?

Alex, sure can! What is your email?

alex [at] :wink:


Thanks! Will look into it and keep you posted