Augmented reality view

The option to produce a QR code link to a model for example, would ad a whole different level for presentation.

Is it even possible to do it without Unity or some other app?

Where would you start? Do you have any idea?

Can definitively be done. All modern browsers support WebXR Device API - Web APIs | MDN, what’s lacking is the “glue” between our threejs base and the rest.

@alex will know more!

Hi @Vratislav

Like @dimitrie said, AR with the speckle viewer is very much possible without the need of Unity or other similar big framework/engine.

Browsers have the WebXR API which offers useful features for AR positioning and movement, but it’s not universally present on all platforms.

However you can still get around not having WebXR available and still develop for AR. For example there is AR.js which is one of the OG AR libraries for the web. It doesn’t provide the range of AR features like other libraries, but it doesn’t require WebXR and it’s great for marker detection/tracking. A more advanced library is the one from 8th Wall which I’m not entirely sure if it still offers a free tier of not but last time I checked (and it’s been a while to be honest) their implementation worked (with varying degree of quality) regardless of WebXR existing or not

It’s true that the current viewer library offers no builtin AR features. That might change in the future, but until then it definitely allows development of AR apps on top of it


I’m sensing a hackaton hack… :male_detective:

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