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Hi all,
this is a 2-for-1 question concerning attributes extracted from a Sketchup Model when sending to speckle.

Firstly, from what I’ve seen, using the mapper to assign a category to a mapped element works wonderfully incase you want to import the object into revit afterwards, however i’ve noticed the “category” as it is called is only saved as an ID, like e.g. “46” for “Furniture”. This currently poses a bit of an issue for me, since i cannot seem to find an accessible dictionary/map to these keys, and an import into unity does not convert said keys into their respective category. Is such a dictionary availabe?

Secondly, with the last major post about the Sketchup Connector being quite a while back, I am curious about what component attributes precisely one is able to send to speckle - tagging works without a problem, but advanced attributes or Types are not pushed. Is there an up-to-date list i am missing?

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Hey @Polly ,

Yes, it is an enumeration. You can see the full list here:

As far as we are aware, the SketchUp connector sends all object attributes, including those added by third-party plugins. Can you elaborate on what you mean by Advanced Attributes or Types being not pushed?


Hey @gokermu,

thanks already for the answer so far, the provided enumeration is precisely what i was searching for, this will help alot :+1:t2:.

The second question was related to the “Advanced Attributes” section within SketchUp as highlighted on the right side in the screenshot below - i was unable to find references to these values within the data exported to the speckle server. I’m assuming the speckle exporter focusses on the main attributes like name, tag etc. together with the mapping, but does not attach these extra attributes to the export.

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Hey @Polly ,

To verify whether those values are being sent, you can check our frontend. The Owner and Status attributes are set on an instance basis, while the rest are set per component. This means that if you set a value for one component, all instances of the same component will have the same value. You can access the component attributes from the block definition section. Here’s how:


Hey again @gokermu !

Interesting… this is indeed the way i have tried verifying whether or not these values are pushed into speckle, however my model has an entirely different data structure compared to what is shown in your recording. Here are some screenshots on how my model is structured:

Both these and the screenshot i linked previously are from the same component i have exported using the SketchUp connector. Am I doing something wrong concerning groups/components within SketchUp perhaps?

Hey Polly,

The model i used to showcase the properties is a couple months old, and we implemented Collections at that time. That’s why the structure is different. But still, the attributes should be stored inside Speckle. Can you kindly share the SketchUp model and link to the Speckle model, please? You can send a DM if you don’t want to share it here.

Hey again,

whilst the mockup i used a week ago for this export has since been deleted, i re-traced my steps and recreated essentially the same setup again. The Speckle-Commit is accessible here:

Is there any preference on how i should share the sketchup file with you?

Hi @Polly ,

I have replicated the issue and created a ticket. I will keep you updated.

Hey there @Polly!

I think I’ve found the issue you’re facing. It appears that you’ve used the Mapper in SketchUp to map the selected component as Stairs DirectShape. However, I wanted to let you know that the current behavior of the Mapper is such that it converts SketchUp components into Revit elements, which causes the loss of SketchUp attributes when you send it to Speckle. But don’t worry, we’re working on changing the behavior of the Mapper in SketchUp to resolve this issue.

Until then, to preserve the attributes, it’s best to avoid using the Mapper. I hope this explanation clears things up for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.