Async Grasshopper Component Repo Access

Hey guys, any chance I could get branch creation rights (or repo write aside from master) on GitHub - specklesystems/GrasshopperAsyncComponent: Jankless Grasshopper Components for rhughes42 (Ryan Hughes) · GitHub?

I have a PR to submit (actually Sascha found a small improvement and I had time to implement it on the base repo). :yellow_heart:

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Hey @ryanhughes!

Nice! Now I’m curious about what you’re up to hehe

As for the branch creation rights… Can’t you submit the PR from your forks branch to our repo?


Ah, yes, I knew there must be a simple way. Will do! :slight_smile:


Hey Alan, battery died on the laptop on the way to Stockholm. Just landed and made a PR from the Stykka fork. Safely scope workers in demo implementation. by rhughes42 · Pull Request #19 · specklesystems/GrasshopperAsyncComponent · GitHub