ARM Mac - Download Blender Connector Fails

At least since the latest 2 Speckle releases (Beta activated)
I am no more able to download the latest Blender Connector.

This is true for 2.10-0 Beta and 2.91.
Tried with the newest Speckle Update 2.6.2 Beta today again.

Thought about my firewall but I see that i can download 2.9.0 Alpha5,
from a month ago, fine nevertheless.
Just not the last official or latest Beta !?

We’re on the case!
I hope to get a build out Tomorrow or Monday.
I’ll message you when it’s ready.

Thanks for report :raised_hands:


Thanks Jedd,

great to hear.

I downloaded a new Manager beta today.
But I am still not able to Download the latest offered Blender Connector.

The last AddOn Folders I was able to extract from some hidden Manager
Folders was (2.10 ?), but that refuses to install in Blender 3.3.
(I have a fake Blender 2.9 Settings Folder but that never worked on (M1?) Mac)
AFAIK on Windows everything fine.

And I am no more able to find the 2 AddOn Folders anywhere hidden on my whole
M1 disk, which I was able some Manager Versions ago and even able to install it
(only) on a Blender 3.4 Alpha (not on the, at that time official 3.2 though)
Currently I have no working Blender Connector on my Blender 3.3 or 3.5.

It would help maybe to offer the 2 AddOn folders for Blender as a direct download
for manual installation.