Archicad streams - deserialization errors since 2.15.1 - cannot receive


Upgraded to 2.15.1 today and Archicad streams are throwing errors when trying to receive in Rhino or Grasshopper. Tested several streams, always deserialization errors:



Also the IFC streams have been throwing same kind of deserialization errors for over a month now i think.

Im going to try upgrading the Rhino + GH connectors to the WIP 2.16 and see if it works or otherwise i have to downgrade i guess.

UPDATE: Error persists in 2.16 WIP version both GH and Rhino, so rolling back till issue is fixed
UPDATE2: OK not able to receive in 2.15 either which is the version i had yday so it must be something wrong with my installation then. Im going to clean uninstall and reinstall everything.

@Andrei thanks for reporting and my apologies for any inconvenience. Work on Archicad collections is still in progress and will be released in 2.16. Please downgrade in the meantime.


Yea… i did downgrade but still not working. Im very confused… I think something messed up with the installation maybe? Would reinstalling the whole manager from scratch help? Cleared the Cache and downgraded to 2.15.0 and i still cant get it to work.

Revit streams work fine on any version. But cant receive any AC streams anymore

UPDATE: streams uploaded with 2.15 or later connector are working fine. Its only 2.14 and earlier streams that throw deserialization errors on 2.15+. So looks like something is breaking backward compatibility between 2.14 and 2.15 when receiving. Headscratcher…

Hey Andrei, apologies for the headscratching moment!
It’s not our intention to break compatibility across versions; we’ll investigate and try to address it.

For now, it seems you can use the connectors staying on 2.15+, right?

Hi! I sort of managed to workaround the problem for now: Got stream to work by reuploading the data with the 2.15 connector and receving in 2.15 with GH/Rhino. Streams created with previos versions throw serialization errors when tryin to receive them in said softwares with the 2.15 or later connectors.

New Update here: Went through alot of my older streams and only some of the them seem to get the deserialization error. Might be something do to with a particular version of the 2.13-14 connector. Managed to find two versions of the same project that should be from the same Archicad file:

The one from 3 months ago , 2023-05-26 11:20:07 - receives just fine.
Same file uploaded 2 months ago , 2023-06-08 09:54:48 - now throws serialization errors.

I can’t see in the stream metadata what version of the connector was used to upload each stream. Might be different versions of 2.14? Only difference that i see is Skylight category popping up in the one that works while the one that throws errors has skylight nested under roof elements. Hope this helps narrow it down!

Thanks a lot Andrei - we’ll dig!

Hello @Andrei ,

In v2.15 we changed the Archicad story handling, now all the properties of stories are exported (name, elevation, id etc). Earlier only the elevation of the elements’ home story was sent to the server. Unfortunately this is a breaking change in compatibility and earlier streams cannot be read with the new plugin.
We checked the possible solution for the problem, however couldn’t find an acceptable one, because it would fundamentally complicates the readability and sustainability of the source code. Now we tend to leave it as it is and live with the compatibility break. Of course, if you have streams which cannot be resent with the new version of the plugins, please let us know and we try to find an exceptional solution for you.
Best regards

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Hey Jozsef!

Thanks for the update! In my experience it is the mostly streams sent with 2.14 that are experiencing the errors. Would have been useful to have the connector version recorded in the stream metadata to make troubleshooting things like this easier. Weirdly enough, older streams ( sent 4+ months ago), don’t seem to be experiencing this problem so i think its mostly 2.14 issues that are breaking it but nothing we cant work around.

Good to hear about the new stories, looking forward to 2.16!

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