Archicad Connector not initiating

I am having a problem with the Archicad Alpha connector. I am using Archicad 25.
I have installed the latest connector 2.9.2. I have created a stream. The video shows that you can click somewhere in the stream to import a file. I can’t figure out where to click.

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Hey @Sam :wave:,

Speckle opens closed data and stores it on the web. We use connectors to send data to or receive data from Speckle.

As can be seen from the second image you added, there is no data in your stream. You can think of streams like projects. If you want to send data from Archicad (or any other software we support) to your project on Speckle:

  • Open Speckle connector in Archicad
  • Select elements you want to send
  • Click on the send button

After you do this, you can receive your data in any other software we have a connector for, anytime, from any device.

If you want to do the opposite, and download your model from Speckle:

  • Select the project you want to download from
  • Switch to receive mode
  • Select the model you want to download
  • Click on the blue button

You can think of Speckle as a web-based interoperability/collaboration platform. We convert the data you send to a platform-agnostic, neutral format. Thus, you can work with the same data on other platforms with minimal data loss.

Take a look at the recordings below:

This is the stream I used: Speckle

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sending from Archicad

Receiving Archicad data from Speckle

Receiving Rhino models by URL


Thanks for your feedback.
I click the Interoperability / ALPHA Speckle Connector and nothing happens. The program doesnt initiate like it does in your video.

Any tips how to fix this?

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Hmm, that is weird. Is it greyed out or active but nothing happens? BTW are you using Windows or Mac?

Im using windows. Archicad 25. It seems to be active. It is just nothing happens when I click the button. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling in the morning to see if that fixes it.

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Yeah, make sure you are using the latest version (2.9.2). If you are using your workstation, can you also try it with your personal device? If the problem persists, let us know.

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Hi there,
Just follwing up on this…
I had the same issue: select the elements in the 3D window, try to launch the connector ( menu\interoperability\speckle…) but nothing happens…

I’ve got both latest AC 25 and 26 and latest Connector and Speckle Manager
I have also checked the Add-on is inside the correct folder inside the GRAPHISOFT installation folder/Add-ons
Running on Windows 10.

Archicad seems to blink for a fraction of a second when trying to launch the Speckle connector. it is just that interface doesn’t show up…

Any ideas?

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Hi @NandoMogollon :wave:,

I can’t seem to reproduce this on my end. Are you experiencing this issue on a personal device or is that a workstation? I am suspecting of a network issue since you have the latest of everything.

A bit more info:
It is on a workstation, but my it setup is fairly simple: I have full admin rights and there’s no particular restrictions to ports or IP addresses

Now the tricky bits:
I have 2 installations of ArchiCAD: one for the INT version and another for the AUS (Australian) version.
I have made sure the folder names of at least one of them is standard and I have made sure the plugin (apx) is in the right location.

Is there a way to diagnose what could be issue? Some sort of dev mode or something?
I’m willing to help and see this becoming a fully functional add-on


Hello @NandoMogollon ,

Can we do a quick screen sharing? I happy to check the problem on your side!

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Hi Jozsef,
Sorry for the late response.
I’m in Sydney AU and the timezone difference may be a killer. But I’m still interested in making this work.
“We” (the Archicad users) need to jump back on the train, and catch up with the maturity level of the other App/plug ins.

Any preferred time/day?

Nando M

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What about 18.00 in the evening Sydney time? It is 8.00 in the morning here in Europe. All the days of this week seem OK for me.


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Hi Guys,

thanks for the huge effort you put in!

Unfortunately I got the same issue… I’m working on my personal computer with Windows 10 64 bit and Archicad 26 EDU version. I do have admin permission. First try and the connector didnt showed up in the Archicad menu. After reinstalling and going back to Speckle 2.9.2 its showing up, even when i update to the latest version. But no matter what version I tried, after clicking on the button in Archicad, nothing happens.
If it would work with Blender, it would be sooooooo cool. Would love to have it for my Archviz.
So, I would love to get some help, if you don’t mind.

Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany :slight_smile:


Hi @Mehriv,

Thanks for the info! I have some questions:
First I think we should check why the latest connector is not installed correctly. So, could you please

  1. remove the Archicad Connector and install the latest one from the Speckle Manager?
  2. go to the Archicad Add-on Manager (Add-on Info/Location) and check the Speckle add-on load path?


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