ArchiCad Connector doesn't appear in Speckle Manager

Hi Community, I wonder why the ArchiCad connector does not appear in my Speckle Manager Connectors list. I have a v2.2.5-beta Manager installed, also in settings “Show pre-release connectors” switched to On mode, but still can’t see ArchiCad bridge in list, any idea what I’m missing?

Can you please send a screenshot of the connectors page as well please?

Hi, @teocomi !
Sure, here it is:

Oh no, the list looks quite outdated!
Are you using a corporate pc? Any proxies/vpns? Can you try connecting to a hotspot or a different network?
Finally, is there any error displayed in the dev tools? You can open them from the settings page and then click on “console”.

Here are some of the urls that might need to be unblocked by your IT department: FAQs | Speckle Docs

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Thanks! I will try to fix this with IT Department and get back if there are still issues :smiley:

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