ApplicationId of element in Revit

Hi all,

if I created element in Revit using speckle schema in GH, how I get applicationId of those Revit elements in Revit or dynamo?

Hi there @nguyenle13! Revit will set its own application ids anyway. If you’ve set it in grasshopper via the schema builder, it will be used for diffing (ie, not deleting old walls on next bake, but editing existing ones). If you didn’t set it in explicitly, it’s just the object’s hash.

We store the “speckle” application id outside the revit normal workflows unfortunately, in a separate DSUniqueSchemaStreamStateStorage container. Not sure how you would access this.

Anyway, what are you trying to achieve? There might be a workaround!

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@dimitrie Thanks, I just have a thought using that to identify change in Revit model then quickly push back to Rhino either for updating in Rhino or just for comparison. I think there’s work around like create a parameter in Revit to store that id :smiley: