Any plans to publish helm chart?

Hi Speckle Team!

Any plans to publish the helm chart to public hub?


@parkerjspe - I believe it’s available at Speckle Server Helm Charts | helm

helm repo add speckle
helm install my-speckle-server speckle/speckle-server

Or did you mean Speckle should publish it to Artifact Hub (or similar)?


thanks @iainsproat, that works.

note, install fails if “speckle-test” namespace does not already exist. for helm3, should be:

helm install my-speckle-server speckle/speckle-server --namespace "speckle-test" --create-namespace
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Hey folks, sorry for being late to the party, but it seams like you’ve got this.

I’m updating the docs to mention the required namespace gotcha until we fix it.


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Also, with this PR the namespace is now part of the chart and it gets picked up from the values definitions.

Pls note, that this is now the default for the alpha release track of the chart, and it will make its way to the stable chart with the next server release.

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thanks @gjedlicska! question, what do you mean by “stable”? suitable for use in production?

Hey @parkerjspe,

as a matter of fact, yes. All the production Speckle servers that we maintain use the aforementioned helm chart to keep the deployment up to date.
We use semver to publish a stable release and an alpha version track at the moment.

It has been that way for a few months now, so using the helm chart should be fairly straight forward.
With one exception though, the missing namespace fix is actually going to be a (semi) breaking change in the sense, that if the namespace k8s object is created manually and you try to upgrade to a version which contains the chart bundled namespace definition, the existing namespace object has to be patched with extra metadata and label fields.
The helm message provides a good solution in this case but if you need any help with it, let me know.

Also we’re planning a stable release tomorrow, so if you can hold off doing a deployment with helm until tomorrow, you wouldn’t need to care about any of the above :smiley:

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Hey all,

just a quick update on the topic:

while the namespace creation in the helm chart will still be available, the flag value create_namespace is now false by default. The reasons for doing this are:

  • the chart assumes that it can read specific values from a Secret k8s object named by default server-vars .
  • This secret at the moment has to exist in the same namespace as the namespace specified in the chart values namespace key. Allowing for reaching for a secret from another namespace feels a bit too much.
  • This creates a bit of a tricky situation, where the chart to successfully install, needs the required secrets to exist, but in order to create the secrets, you need to have the namespace defined already.

If you are using the chart in production now, please update your values to reflect the desired state.
The new change will be the default starting with 2.6.2

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