Announcing our tutorials portal!

Hello @Community ,

We know how frustrating it can be getting started with new software when there’s no documentation or tutorials around!

This is why we’re launching a tutorials platform on our website, so what are you waiting for? Go and check it out now!

Looking for something that’s not there?

Just let us know here and we’ll add it to our list of upcoming tutorials!

Want to contribute?

We’d :heart: to feature tutorials from our community! If you’d like to create one just ping us and we’ll support you all the way :star_struck:.

Hey, what about :books:?

Our website is not going anywhere, it’ll keep existing as a reference on anything Speckle, from end-user functionalities to dev docs.


I am amazed🤯. Great job @SpeckleTeam :rocket::rocket:


Thanks! Lots of CSS was learned (partially) during the process :sweat_smile:


Should probably dev a tutorial to support Speckle-UE integration also… @dimitrie :laughing:

We’re planning to ramp up our Unity & Unreal development + content in September, so stay tuned :rocket:

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Hello everyone, we have a few new tutorials available this month, hope you enjoy them!


Ever wondered how to map AutoCAD Blocks to Revit families? @Cillian_Warfield shows us how to do that via Dynamo!

Thanks a lot for the great tutorial Cillian!

Have a great tutorial that you’d like to share on our portal? Let us know!