Analytical stick conversion from Revit to Speckle


I’ve noticed on sending an analytical element with an I-section property seems to populate the section profile shape type incorrectly. On converting the section profile, the type doesn’t trigger this switch case so the default case is hit, which doesn’t assign a shapeType accurately.

This will likely cause issue on conversion into other analysis software as they are likely to rely on this property.

Tagging in @connor for discussion!


Edit: adding screenshot for clarity

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Thanks as always for bringing this issue to our attention! I may have to start adding you as a reviewer to my PRs.

I’ve tried a couple different models and I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Would you mind sending me a file that contains the family that is causing you problems?

I’ve sent a simplified model that should recreate the issue!

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Thanks for sharing the file!

The issue is that all the families that I have been trying are instances of the StructuralSectionIParallelFlange Class or the StructuralSectionGeneralI Class. Your family is an instance of the StructuralSectionIWideFlange Class which doesn’t inherit from the general class like most other types do (thanks, Revit). I’ll merge in a hotfix soon and try to come up with a more general solution to handle cases like this. Thanks again for letting me know, I’ll let you know when a fix is availible.

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Great stuff - thanks for investigating!