Allplan /Allplan Bridge connector


I am fairly new to the connector business, but I have a question:

I am doing my final year work in BIM modelling of an existing bridge. I am working with Allplan and Allplan Bridge and I would like to know if you are thinking about (or are developing) connectors for these software?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day


Hey Pablo,

Thanks for the suggestion! An Allplan connector is not on the roadmap yet, and you’re actually the first to request it, I believe!
We would definitely consider it at some point if we see there are enough people requesting it.

Will keep you posted!

Following up from Matteo: what would you need from this connector?

We’re really interested in what workflows you’re trying to enable. Would that be interop based flows (ie, with structural software, or with rhino/gh, etc) or coordination/collaboration needs, etc.

Thank you @dimitrie and @teocomi for your quick answers, you are more responsive than I am :wink:

So Allplan and especially Allplan bridge are starting to appear more and more in the engineering of structures. In the first instance, a connector based on interoperability with structural software could be very interesting (to BIM or 2D and/or 3D drawing software (Revit, civil 3D, autocad).

I am currently working on a Master project as explained in my first post and we are looking for as much information as possible about Allplan so that we can then know where to go and what are the possible ways of exchanging data from Allplan to other software.

Thanks again and have a good day

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