After Speckle removed the BIM Element tab from Rhino, it is very difficult to make floors

Back then, when Speckle had the BIM Element Tab, I could’ve created several floors and levels automatically to the Revit from the Rhino model (I could’ve defined certain rhino masses as a floor and it automatically set up in Revit when I sent and receive), but now I have to manually create ‘levels’ from the Revit and then move the rhino masses to the Revit.

Is there any way to make certain rhino floor to revit floor with automatic level with the current Speckle Mapping tool? this is making me very tired…

Just like this video, back then this was possible, but not anymore

Hey @Hugo_An welcome to our community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok:.

Thanks for the feedback, this is definitely an oversight on our end and we’ll add it to our backlog cc @gokermu @Pavol

In the meantime, you could use our grasshopper components to automate level creation.

Hey @Hugo_An ,

Mapping tool has two options for creating floors:

  • Default Floor: This is exactly like the previous implementation you were using. It creates levels while creating floors.
  • Floor: This implementation requires Revit context (Family Types and Levels).

You can still use the Default Floor option to do what you want.


When I used the defaultfloor option and transfer it to revit, the levels are not creating in revit :frowning:

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