Add webhook from Python script

Hi there,

How can I best add a webhook to a stream from Python. I believe this feature is not available in the specklepy library, so looking for an alternative approach.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @harmijsseldijk ,

You can do so from the web UI or from the graphql API, which you can definitely also call from pyhton.
We probably haven’t added that to our SDK yet, but you should be able to make a raw request yourself.

@gjedlicska and @izzylys will be able to help some more once they’re back from their holidays!

Hey @harmijsseldijk ,

currently, the best way is do go with the hand made graphql query, just like Matteo said. You can use the graphql explorer to build your query, and copy that over to your python script. If you need more help let us know. :slight_smile: