Add parameter to view and not to objects

is it possible to attach a parameter to the view/project/stream and not to an object from Grasshopper?

Here’s an example of what I mean:

So far I have only succeeded in adding the parameters to the objects as in the following picture

Thanks for the help!


While maybe this is not exactly what you’re looking for, the explorer can certainly show data that does not have geometry associated with it (typos included for free ;)).

From code, that would consist in creating a new Base object and adding properties and values corresponding to your data.

For example, in grasshopper:

Hi @teocomi,

thanks for your answer!
Now, I understand. As you are saying, it’s not exactly what I was looking for, but using different branches for the elements and the “project” parameter could be an option.

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I’d also recommend adding extra inputs to the sender instead, just zoom in close enough :wink:

Each input is set to tree access, so you’ll be sending the entire data tree structure (even if there’s just one item in the list). This is to ensure GH->GH interop keeps track of all data trees and their respective data paths :slight_smile:

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