Actualization of powerBI online dashboards fails

Hi everybody,

In my exploration of Specke and PowerBI, I have another feedback to give you :slight_smile:

After the publication of a Power BI Desktop Dashboard online to Power BI (Web), it is theoretically of course possible to update your online dashboard with the changes you have been doing on the Desktop App.
In our case, we face an error because of the data source → Speckle :slight_smile:

Did you meet this problem before ?

Here are some forum contents that might be helpful:

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Hey @BaudouinNP ,

@AlanRynne might correct me, but I think that’s because our Speckle connector has not been published yet to the Microsoft Store and so it won’t work in PoerBI online.

We definitely have this on our roadmap and will keep you up to date!


This is a “limitation” in PowerBI’s side. As far as I’m aware, the only way to refresh a custom connector online is by setting up your own on-premises data gateway.

Would it be possible for you to explain a little what is this on-premises data getaway ? :slight_smile:

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Sadly, I know as much as it says in the docs linked above. I have no experience with on-premises data gateways but as I understand it it’s just a computer, somewhere on the internet, that will do the refreshing for you.

Since you have control over that machine, it will allow you to run any custom connector in it.