Academic papers with Speckle implemented

Are there already any AEC academic papers where Speckle is used?

Happy for any hint.

Two assumptions and one fact
-Thomas Wortmann at ICD University Stuttgart is working with Speckle and BHoM at his chair … had a talk with him a few days ago, where he mentioned it … might be that there are some papers.
-Professor Julian Lienhard at University Kassel had it in use … same like above … I assume
-Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2022

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Hi @AlexHofbeck, thank you so much for the hints. I will look into their research. The paper looks promising.

My OG PhD thesis tells the story and makes a few bold claims:

Then there’s a bunch of other papers too:


While these papers may not be centered solely on Speckle, they do reference it within their research:

“Interoperability Challenges. Exploring Trends, Patterns, Practices and Possible Futures for Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency in the AEC Industry” discusses the trends and future possibilities for collaboration in the AEC sector. Link to the paper

“Version control for asynchronous BIM collaboration: Model merging through graph analysis and transformation” delves into the model merging aspect of BIM collaboration using graph analysis. Link to the paper

“Graph-based version control for asynchronous BIM collaboration” focuses on the version control mechanisms in BIM collaboration. Link to the paper

“Live semantic data from building digital twins for robot navigation: Overview of data transfer methods” provides an overview of data transfer methods vital for robot navigation in digital twins. Link to the paper

“Development of an IoT and BIM-based automated alert system for thermal comfort monitoring in buildings” explores the intersection of IoT and BIM in creating automated systems for maintaining thermal comfort. Link to the paper

“Modular Robotic Prefabrication of Discrete Aggregations Driven by BIM and Computational Design” investigates how BIM and computational design drive the prefabrication of modular robotic systems. Link to the paper

“Integrative data processing for cyber-physical off-site and on-site construction promoting co-design” reviews the integrative data processes that facilitate co-design in construction projects. Link to the paper

“Automated system for high-accuracy quantity takeoff using BIM” looks into the automation of quantity takeoff for construction projects utilizing BIM. Link to the paper

Read already into your PhD thesis. It’s great!

Thanks, that’s amazing! Exactly what I am looking for. Papers that are related to Speckle. Thanks!

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Rare opinion :sweat_smile:

Super list, thanks - was not aware of 'em all!

PS: @janix - feel free to introduce yourself if you want to; I’m also curious as to what you’re up to if you’re willing to share!