A few ideas on using Speckle

Hello everyone, I have a project in Grasshopper called Geoschema. This algorithm collects data about site and analyzes it. I planed to use speckle to distribute site information to potential clients. And after the introduction of Speckle into the algorithm, several thoughts appeared:

  • Textures. They are sorely lacking in the Speckle environment. Everything looks very simple without them.
  • More advanced use of Globals. I would like to work with this section, as well as with the geometry branch.
  • Editing the project menu. People who have never programmed will find it very difficult to understand the structure of the project. And it cannot be edited in any way to make it easier to use.
  • Ortho view - it’s cool that they added it!
  • Downloading geometry. I would like to be able to allow people to download geometries without logging into speckle.
    You can spin my project at the link: https://speckle.xyz/streams/9fdb17757a
    Sorry, but there is all description in russian language :slight_smile:

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Hey @Monfed,

thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it. Let me go one by one :slight_smile:

Textures: I am aware @Jedd has already been working on improving textures in order to support receiving them in Unity/Unreal. As for textures in the viewer, they will also eventually come, but I cannot give you an ETA of when that will happen right now. Maybe @cristi knows more?

Globals: I was expecting this one :wink: as you already had some other threads about this. I’d have to talk to the team about what would be the best way to enhance the globals feature, and start a more open conversation with the community about how that should look/feel/work. That being said, I do agree we may need to allow for more complex use-cases.

Project menu: :thinking: Not sure what you mean by this (it’s early in the morning and haven’t had my coffee yet :sweat_smile:) Could you give us a bit more detail about this point?

Ortho view: :raised_hands:t3:

Downloading Geometry: Hmmm, interesting. Do you mean being able to grab an obj or stl file with the geometry? The only “problem” I see with that is that, depending on the file format, we may not be able to attach any metadata to it, so it would be a lossy geometry export.
Or maybe we’re thinking about different things :slight_smile: if so, feel free to correct me!

Bonus next time you find yourself sharing a stream and the screenshot of that stream, you can just embed the viewer :wink: :point_down:

To do that, just copy the iframe code from the Embed 3D viewer button and paste it here (or anywhere else that supports it)


Oh, and yes, sorting text by the number of characters in the global is a pretty funny solution.

About Globals. I would like the Globals section to be the same as the main geometry section with different branches and data sections

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