4D Parameters aren't visible in Power bi

Hi I have exported an IFC From Synchro 4D Pro, within the IFC there are 4D Property sets such as IFCTASK IFCRELASSIGNSTASK, IFCCALENDERDATE Etc. When i use speckle to connect the IFC To PowerBI none of the property sets are coming across also they don’t show in the speckle viewer Either, Is there a way to show these Property Sets? thanks in advance

Hey @TARuk1981 ,

Can you share the URL for the Speckle Model so I can take a look and try to reproduce it?

Hi @gokermu

The model is available at this URL:


I am a beginner in Speckle and Power BI, and my goal is to Link the IFC Model exported from Synchro into Power BI and generate QTOs based on the IFC Tasks. Eventually, I would like to track the installation progress of the elements.

The URL above is a sample model of a small part of a bigger project that I am working on. The IFCTask properties are located at the bottom of the scheme when I open it in Notepad, but don’t show up in the either the speckle viewer or when i view the data in power BI through the Transform data tab.

I would appreciate any advice or guidance that you can offer me. Thank you for your time and attention.

Many Thanks

Hey @TARuk1981 ,

Thanks for sharing the Speckle Model URL. Indeed, I can’t see the IFC Task parameters either. Can you please share the IFC file too?

Welfare Model Construction Pours assigned only.ifc (615.2 KB)

Hey @TARuk1981 ,

I have used other IFC viewers but couldn’t find the Task properties. Which object are they related with (wall, slab, storey, building, site)?

Hey @gokermu They should be related to the Walls

Hey @TARuk1981 ,

We are using IFC.JS to convert IFC models to Speckle format. I tested your model with several IFC viewers and BlenderBIM but couldn’t find the expected parameters for Wall elements.

If Synchro allows export of those values as CSV/XLSX, I recommend going that way and associating them back with the 3D geometry inside Power BI.

Thanks @gokermu I will look into this

Dear @gokermu,

I am writing to update you on the progress of the project. I have successfully imported the synchro data into power bi using the synchro 4D’s power bi connector. I have also exported an IFC model from Synchro 4d and connected it to power bi using the speckle connector.

My next goal is to create a relationship between the two data sets, so that I can visualize the tasks and their corresponding elements in the model. For example, I want to be able to select a task in the Gantt chart and see which part of the model it is asccoited with, or to color-code the elements that are 100% completed.

To achieve this, I think I need to use the element id field in both the IFC model data and the synchro data. Then, I need to create further relationships to enable me to filter and drill down the other data sets. However, when I try to do this and add the data field to the color by option in the visual, I get an error message saying “can’t display the visual, fix this”.

Do you have any idea why this is happening and how I can solve it? I would appreciate your guidance and advice on this issue.

The only way i can think about creating a relationship between the two data sets is by using the field element id in the IFC model data and the synchro data. I then need to create further relationships to allow me to drill down the other data sets, such as percentage complete and task ids. but when i do this and try adding the data field to the colour by, i get a message “cant display the visual, Fix this”

This usually happens when a field doesn’t exists or Power BI can’t figure out how to color elements. Did you relate two data sources by their Element IDs inside Power BI?

Sharing screenshots and pbi files helps us help you.