3D Visual colors not matching with treemap

Very new to the Speckle world so I apologize if this seems like a very elementary question.

My company deals exclusively with Revit. I’m always looking for ways to utilize the information contained in our models. Speckles looks like a game changer.

Aaaaanyway, I followed the YouTube videos for using room information. Everything worked exactly as explained until the very end when I tried to add the calculated area information as a tool tip in the 3D viewer. As soon as I tried adding the area parameter the 3D viewer to get the colors to match the tree map the viewer stopped updating. If I added only the area parameter and nothing else it worked fine.

I tried deleting and reinserting the 3D viewer as suggested but that made it worse.

The REALLY odd thing was, after I deleted and reinserted the viewer, I removed all the tips and reinserted them and the colors matched.

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Hey @Tbharkins ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

Thank you! We definitely wanna change the game.

I am having hard time understanding what your exact problem is.

Is it colors not matching between treemap visual and 3d viewer visual?

If this is your question, you can check out this tutorial.

Is it 3d visual stopped interacting with the treemap?

Please ensure that you set the Tooltip Data input in your 3D visual. Currently, there is a minor issue with our 3D viewer when interacting with other visuals in your dashboard, setting the Tooltip input is necessary for it to function properly.

If none of the above helps, adding as much as context (PBI files, screenshots, recordings) helps us help you.