3D Viewer Visual for Power BI doesn't work in Report Server version

Hello! I downloaded the latest version of connector and visual for Power BI ( [0.0.16-alpha] and [2.0.0-alpha7] ). When I tryed to use it in Power BI Desktop Report Server (January 2023), an error popped up. ‘Your version of Power BI Desktop is not support tis visual. Update Power BI Desktop for the latest version.’ Tell me, please, do you plan to release a version, that support Power BI Desktop RS? When can this happen?

Hi @IrinaB!

Thanks for reaching out! I was unaware that PowerBI had several different versions.

We’re currently keeping the visual to the latest stable releases of the PowerBI libraries, which may mean that older PowerBI version may become incompatible.

Is there an April 2023 version available for your version of PowerBI? That’s the one I’m currently using:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 15.39.29