3D Viewer Visual - Colors not matching

Hola denuevo, estoy siguiendo los pasos del video toturial pero no logro configurar los coleres tando en la grafica como en el visos de speckle en power bi, adjunto un video de la configuracion que realice. espero de tu ayuda, y como siempre,


Hey @joel_balvin ,

I’m assuming you watched this video: https://youtu.be/m1taZ9jhJMs?si=FK1b912dXFhda4M1

Based on the screen recording, I noticed that you are utilizing the BIM Sector and Volume parameters to apply colors. Each color is determined by the BIM Sector, and the sorting is accomplished using the Volume. Therefore, the colors are arranged in order based on their Volume.
I see that you are using BIM Sector as the coloring input for the Speckle 3D Viewer Visual. Each sector has its own color. However, you need to change the order in which the colors are sorted.

It looks like the data is currently sorted by BIM Sector (image above). Try sorting by their Volume instead. That way, each BIM Sector will have its own color, and we can sort those colors based on their Volume.

I hope this makes helps.