2d floor plan view in Speckle Viewer

We need to have a functionality to display a building 2d floor plan / room plan and export it as an image.
Is it possible to achieve it with Speckle? Maybe to have a top view of the camera (but exclude ceiling or upper floors etc). I have seen a similar post in 2021 but I don’t know what the status of this feature is.

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Hi there! You can achieve a similar effect to a floor plan view, if you combine the use of a section box and top camera view. I hope this tip helps!

However, I agree that having a dedicated functionality for a floor plan view would be beneficial. May I ask if there are any other functionalities you would like to see included in this feature?


A ceiling view would be nice as well :slight_smile:

A floor plan view would definitely be nice. You should check out Archilogic | Own your digital floor plans and use them everywhere. They don’t integrate with CAD programs, its a slightly different use case geared towards property managers, not design professionals. The floor plans look great. It also embeds into Retool (archilogic.com). Great charting features. Similar to PowerBi but more interactive.


A floor plan function with comments function would be super beneficial and would massively help Speckle to become established. Our industry is still used to think 2D, a coupled 2d function would be like breadcrumbs for everyone who is not an enthusiast


Is this somewhere on Speckle’s roadmap by chance?

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