2022 Retreat Hackathon Projects

Hey @Community ,

Our team got back recently from an IRL retreat where we spent a whole day hacking on top of Speckle.
Here’s a blog post summarizing some of the projects :point_down:.

Which one is your favorite and which one would you want to become a real feature?
Let us know!


@teocomi, awesome news!

I’m really excited to read about Speckle Diffr. This is something many of us in the AEC industry have been dreaming of for quite some time. Greg has a super good talk about this concept here.

Please let me know if you need more user input and case studies to work with.


Geometry diffing sounds like it could be a bit of a black hole, very much an unsolved problem (maybe equality comparisons need to be part of a kit? That way people could build different equality comparison engines for different situations?) - we see enormous value in Speckle Functions however. Could massively increase whats possible in terms of CI/CD for geometry.


Cool! I think Speckle Diffr would be a very useful tool. Several people have asked if Speckle can show delta’s between commits. Maybe Konstru can provide some inspiration for it: How Konstru Works? - YouTube

Interested to see what your plans are!