2021 Speckle Review πŸŽ„

Hey @Community ,

2021 has been a crazy but really amazing year for Speckle: the product, the company and the wider community behind it (you!).
The last 12 months have flown by, so we have written a short blog post to properly acknowledge all the achievements and milestones we have reached so far.

Check it out:

Thanks for being such a great community & happy holidays!

The Speckle Team


Hi Matteo, I read your year in review lots of progress - congratulations! I was trying to see if the issues with Civil 3D β†’ Revit coords had made any progress. Couldn’t really tell but do you think it’s worth trying again? All the best!

Hi Dan - we’re working on it, or better @clrkng is :grin:

This is slightly more complex than we hoped, since there is no configuration that will work for any scenario. We decided to add a setting page through which you’ll be able to decide the desired behavior on sending/receiving. This setting will also be stored inside the stream and be available to anyone consuming it.

Not sure about the timeline for this, but we should have some news in ~2 weeks.

Will keep you posted!

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