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Hello Speckle Community,

I was exploring the Web Viewer and the possibility to filter and isolate objects in the UI. I am adding custom nested properties to my geometry which I can see in the viewer but I can’t use as filters.
Could someone help me figure out why? (I am using the Grasshopper connector)
Here is a simple stream that can be used for testing: Speckle

Thank you :sunny:


Hi Mariela, i gotchu - i see what’s happening in there. I was confused myself at first, but here’s the breakdown:

  • you’re actually creating a new base object structured as obj: { geometry: brep, props: { your props } } from grasshopper
  • when we dump bases in the viewer, we iterate recursively through the data structures we get and display what we can - but we can’t associate things “upwards” in the tree.

My solution - and @AlanRynne can confirm if this should work - would be to:

  • convert the brep to speckle
  • extend (rather than wrap) the resulting speckle object with your props (there is a gh component for that)
  • those props should show up in the viewer as filters
  • last, but not least, profit :sweat_smile:

This is a really interesting discussion. I´m just failing to understand the solation procedure @dimitrie. How can we send an expanded object from GH?

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I’d do it like this:

which gives you this:

we have a tutorial on this by @AlanRynne right here which has a few more details:

Is this what you were after?



Checked this solution. For raw Speckle objects this works, but for “revit specific” speckle objects seems to be not. I’ve tried to do it with “cubes”. The availability of properties is different.

Could you check please?

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