Using Speckle to get bounding volumes

Hi, I am completly new to Speckle and wonder if somebody could help me determining if Speckle would help me with the following scenario and what it would require?

I am involved in projects where I need to extract space bounding closed volumes representing rooms and buildings from BIM-models, usually created in Revit and Archicad. These spaces will be used in thermal, visual and fluid dynamic simulations. I do not have access to these BIM-tools and the architects have little interest in helping me and probably no knowledge about Speckle. I might convince them to install plugins in their BIM-tools and spend a few minutes to help me but not much more. I will probably postprocess data in Blender and/or Rhino/grasshopper. Today we use IFC to get this data but since the architect seldom creates IFCspaces this process is far from perfect.

Are you looking for volumes like these👇?

If thats the case, then architects can selectively send rooms from Revit. I believe it is being covered in the following tutorial:


:point_up_2: just adding on top of what MBilal said, once you have your room/spaces in Speckle you can easily pull them for further processing in Grasshopper/Rhino/Blender etc…

PS - spoiler alert
We’re about to release a new feature in our Revit connector that will let you send data automatically based on a few triggers, so these un-friendly architects could be sending you updated information every time they save their files or sync to central…


This is exactly what I am looking for. The problem with rooms/spaces in Revit and Archicad is that they are often missing in early stages and might be used for different purposes by the architect. For example they do not cover the entire volume, the shape is simplified or Revit fails to create useful spaces based upon room bounding surfaces. Therefore I probably need to edit or create them them based upon walls, floors and roofs in many projects. Most importantly is to create a volume of the total internal volume of the entire building(s).

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