Using speckle converters to read a CAD document

We want to read multiple CAD format documents using Speckle.
We went through the documentation for the same and from there we came to know about the available nuget packages.
We intend to read the CAD document to speckle object using the available converter implementation.
For that if anyone can give us a heads up, that will be very helpful.

Thank you.

Hey @amd23 ,

Speckle does not work with files, our converters leaverage CAD and BIM software APIs in order to perform the conversions. So they have to run inside Revit, Rhino etc as plugins in order to do so.

In some circumstances (eg Rhino I think), the program can be launched headlessly, in which case you could perform some conversions wihtout user interaction.

To understand how each converter is being used by our connectors you can have a look at our source code:

Please ask if you have any more detailed questions!