Transport Revit Extensible Storage

Hi Specklers

Can anyone shed some light on whether if it´s possible to include extensible storage metadata from Revit Objects into a Speckle stream and how to do so?

At far as I can tell, the Revit Connect doesn´t seem to include it.


Hello @janx,

Thank you for reaching out with this question. The answer is that it’s not currently supported, although it is definitely possible.

One of the reasons is because it can be a bit computationally expensive to access that storage for every element in a Revit model. However, the main reason that we don’t include extensible storage metadata is because you are the first user who has asked for it. We typically don’t go adding niche functionality such as this unless it is requested by our users. What is the workflow that you are trying to achieve using this data?

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Thanks for your quick answer @connor.

Perhaps it’s not such a well known feature but a very useful one. I’m surprised this hasn’t been requested yet. Considering it’s possible to add generic metadata from other connectors such as dynamo and grasshopper, this would only make sense on the Revit side as well. My current use of this workflow is to embed metadata to objects which allows for greater flexibility that parameters would.

Any chance you would consider including this in the near future? Perhaps it can optional, to save unnecessary bulking

It is certainly possible that others have wanted this functionality before and just not said anything about it on the forum. This is definitely something we want to support eventually. We already utilize object-specific storage in several other connnectors such as Rhino and Sketchup. I can’t give a specific timeline because we need to look into this task a bit more to figure out how much work we’re talking about. I will ping you here when we make some progress.

If you really can’t wait for this functionality then you could develop this functionality yourself and make a PR to the speckle-sharp repo where the code for all of our connectors live. I’d be more than happy to help you along the way if you are interested in this option


@connor I might give it a go after all. Would you mind giving a few pointers? A high level roadmap of what needs to be developed would be really useful to start with.

@connor did you maybe missed my last message?

Hey @janx ,

Apologies, we’re a small team and very busy, replies can be delayed at times :slight_smile:

The best place to do so would be in the ConvertToNative and ConvertToSpeckle methods inside the Revit Converter.

Once you have that logic working, you should add a setting for it (disabled by default) so that users can opt-in; you can see an example of the linkedmodels-send option here and search for it in our codebase.

Ping us if you have any questions!

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thanks @teocomi. I’ll find some time for this and keep you posted on my findings.

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