Transfer a Wall from GH --> Speckle 1.0 --> Revit


Probably a simple question, but I cant find what’s wrong…

I successfully managed to get beams and floors transferred from GH to Revit. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately when trying to transferring ‘walls’ I get an error
And really cant find the problem…

See the image below.

2021-12-08 Wall to Revit speckle (18.8 KB)


Any suggestions?

(yes, I will start using Speckle 2.0 soon, but would first like to complete the first level ;)).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @GH007 ,

Unfortunately we’re not supporting v1 anymore and I honestly wouldn’t be able to help! Anything preventing you from moving to v2 already? :smiley:

Ahh haha.

You are probably right, I should make the transfer.

Point is that my script almost works fully with speckle 1.0. And to implement 2.0 will take some time.
Anyway you are right I will start making the transfer.

Just wondering, is there something like an ‘example’ GH script, how to transfer data from GH to Revit (using speckle2.0). (transfering beam, column, floor and walls?)

That would be very handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Have a look at this webinar that was given recently by @AlanRynne: Create Revit models from Rhino or Grasshopper with Speckle - YouTube
I think this will help you to get going :slight_smile:


Some good tutorials in here: Grasshopper - Speckle