Synchronous Sender in rhino.compute

Im getting an error thrown: "You do not have access to this resource.: component “Synchronous Sender” when triggering rhino.compute to solve a gH definition.

Any idea what it might be?

Hi @peterandwilson

This message usually indicates you are trying to send data to a stream you’re not a collaborator of (or the owner). Could you confirm if this is the case?

If you do have access to that stream as a collaborator, maybe that’s an indication there’s a lurking bug that has gone unnoticed in the sync sender until now.


Solved after updating to 2.12 and using the new “Stream Get with Token”!


Awesome! Anyhow, we’re going to improve our error messaging in the coming months so it would be useful to us to know how this happened, and we can improve the error message to be more helpful in the future.

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Exactly, compute was logged in to an account that did not have access. The new component is super useful. Thank you for following up.