SpeckleCon is imminent

It’s amazing! Not everyone in @Community has signed up for SpeckleCon.

Some of you have escaped the social media tidal wave. While we are aware that a few of you will be finding satisfaction in a Nevadan desert, we instead will be live and waiting to share some amazing stories and new announcements from November 14th 9:30 AM GMT.

We will be recording everything for those that don’t sync with time zones, but the sessions that gather the most interest on the day may be prioritised for how soon we can get them available to everyone else.

Share this link with colleagues you’d want to share some Speckle love with and spread the word.

Day 1 - Deploying Speckle at Scale - 14th Nov 2023 - 9:30 AM GMT

SPECKLE - Keynote
ARUP - BAM to BIM: Software interoperability automated workflow for multidisciplinary BIM projects


AURECON - Implementing Speckle at Scale
UNSTUDIO - Ergonomic Tools for Non-Coder Designers


BOLLINGER + GROHMANN - Digital Design Communication
JOHN SISK & SON - Digital Transformation Off-Site Manufacturing Progress Reporting
GAIUP - Cross-platform interoperability is key for AEC to solve for Gaia.
BUILDINGSMART - Give your data meaning using Speckle and bSDD
ATKINSREALIS - Speckle as central data Backbone
ARUP - How was central data storage the heart of a bridge design project?


Panel conversation with DAR, SISK, JACOBS, HENN, SPECKLE: “What is your data strategy?”

Day 2 - Developers Day - 15th Nov 2023 - 9:30AM GMT

SPECKLE - Introducing Speckle Automate


GIRAFFE - Giraffe: The 1-hour development application
NODEPEN - How NodePen uses Speckle technology to make Grasshopper on the Web possible
TOPOLOGIC - Topologic as a bridge between Speckle and Pollination Cloud


SHL & PERKINS WILL - Build a full stack web app using Speckle
BRAINPOOL AI - CI/CD for Carbon Estimate powered by ML for material classification
AIT & REHUB FORGE - Computational Design Hackathon 2.0
INFRARED - AI-driven simulations for environmental design.
PRISMARCH - Immersive collaboration with VR


SPECKLE - Open Office Sessions:
- Viewer 2.0 Extensions,
- Data traversal
- DRY functions for Automate and Data Pipelines
- Cross-platform 3D Digital Asset Management
- GraphQL and GraphQL with PowerQuery
- Automated Code Testing for Revit Plugin development

I’m tired just thinking about how amazing that all sounds - what would be your top 3 do you think?

Read more detail and manage your own schedule here.

We can’t wait to see you and your colleagues there.

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And if you’re in Copenhagen, Frankfurt or Lonodn don’t miss out on:


Will the Speckle Con sessions be recorded and shared after?

Unfortunately due to timezone issues. It is very difficult to attend and I would love to watch the recordings.



Yes they will be! We’ll share them in the next couple of days


Looking forward to the recordings. Already want to share a few of them with a few colleagues


Same here, several colleagues have shown specific interested for one recording in particular. Great to see so many people are excited!

It’s the recording for:
:oncoming_automobile: :no_mobile_phones: :maté:

Rebus solution

Speckle +
Automobile - mobile + mate
= Speckle Automate

Sorry it’s almost weekend…