speckle2BIM vs speckle2Revit

What is the difference between Speckle2Bim and Speckle2Revit?
Is the first one intended to work with other BIM programs and platforms while the latter is specifically for Revit? Do both of them work with Revit?
By the way, i have sent an ouline as a Speckle2BIm Floor but it shows up as a simple polyline in the stream. Is this WIP?

Hi @Constantinesis !

Both sets of nodes work in the same way: they attach instructions to the geometry so that when received in a BIM software they can be converter as BIM elements and not just geometry.

Therefore it is normal that in the viewer you only see the basic geometry (since the actual BIM object is only created when receiving).

And yes, you guessed right, the Revit nodes just have additional input for Revit-specific properties (eg family and type), so they can be received better!

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So they should work in other BIM programs besides Revit like Archicad? Is that the plan?

Correct! That’s the idea.

Now, ArchiCAD is a very recent connector and we haven’t yet fully streamlined these flows, but stay tuned!