Speckle V2 doesn't play nice with edge

Edge on the left, chrome on the right. I raise it as we’re a large office, very windows centric, and largely confined to edge, so it’d be good if people didn’t need a second browser to explore speckle.

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Heya @chris.welch! Long time no see, welcome back! Funnily enough, Edge now is mostly reskinned Chrome(ium). I’ve just checked, can reproduce. This is due to an error we fixed recently - and actually is happening in Chrome too after a first login.

If you refresh the page in Edge, things should be back to normal! We’ll try to do a release ASAP so this propagates to xyz.

Beauty, all working now! Yes, been a bit quiet, but we’re still lurking in the background watching everything you folks are doing with great interest, don’t you worry…

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