Speckle Revit 1.0 - UI does not show up

Hi Speckle Team!

First of all, apologies to ask about Speckle 1.0 - i know it is not supported anymore, but we are still using since we are still in the shift towards 2.0.

The issue I’m facing is about starting up Speckle Revit, it won’t show any UI content, only the window is there. It is occuring for people who have never started up Speckle before.

  • Revit v2020
  • Speckle desktop tested with v1.8.21 & 1.8.31
  • Restarted PC
  • Re-installed Speckle

It happened in a workshop, every new user was experiencing the exact same issue. Any suggestions to solve this?



Ouch! I remember seeing something like this, but I cannot recall what the cause was, unfortunately.
Some random ideas:

  • outdated Revit service pack
  • outdated .net framework installed on the machine
  • conflict with another plugin

There was also a shortcut to open the dev tools, maybe @dimitrie remembers it…

Will think of something more and will let you know, ideally if you could debug the connector on one of those machines we’d see the error…

Hey @dirksliepenbeek , we actually just realized the web UI used in v1 inside Revit was hosted in one of the web services we recently moved.

We’ve restored it so everything should work as usual now?