Speckle plugin Revit 'automatic receive' data


I was just wondering whether it would be possible to set the speckle plugin for Rhino to ‘update/receive data’ automatically when there is data that has been changed in the stream.
It is already possible to automatically send data, which is great :slight_smile:
In my opinion it would alse be usefull to set the revit plugin to auto-receive. (So you can real time toggle between GH and Revit)
Any suggestions whether this is already possible?


Hey @GH007 this is definitely something that we could enable, we purposely didn’t add an option so far as we imagine people would want to have control over when changes are applied to their models.

Maybe could you help us with a couple of use cases where auto-receive would be needed?

Hi @teocomi ,

Offcourse, no problem :slight_smile:

At the moment I am playing around with exporting several type of elements from GH to Revit. (to check whether my GH-speckle inputs are correct/working).
At this time, I have to ‘manually’ receive the data in Revit (although must admit this works already quite good)
However, I am used to work in small iterations, this way its easier to detect errors and find the things which are causing them. Downside is that I have to toggle a lot between GH-Revit + manually click update.

Wouldn’t it be great if the ‘user’ only has to focus on the GH part, while having Revit open on a second screen and seeing in ‘reel time’ if it is working (or not).
This will speed up the feedback-loop. (/same time).

Note: Rhino.inside offers this ‘live’ update feature which is in my opinion one of their strong points.

fyi, I do understand that this auto-update is not always ‘preferred’, especially in project with certain key milestone moment.

So in my suggestion, the ‘Manually Receive’ would still be the ‘default’ option.
But having the opportunity to switch to ‘auto-update’ would be great when figuring out & testing new things.

Thanks again!


Sounds good! We’re about to embark on a journey to make our connector’s UI more intuitive and user-friendly, so we’ll definitely consider adding back an auto-receive behavior!

Cc @clrkng @izzylys