Speckle Manager - Memory consumption

Is it normal that idling Speckle Manager needs about 1000 MB ?

Manager often sits on top of my Activity Manager App Memory list.
I am on M1 Mac with Ventura PB.

Or BTW, do I need to run it at all permanently,
other than for updating and for connector installation ?

Not really, the information it manages other than the connectors you have installed is the default accounts you have registered.

For our connectors, this data will be available for them in your local cache. So if it doesn’t change there is no reason to keep Manager running all the time.

I haven’t seen this myself, but I’m still not updated to Ventura. I’ll feedback to the team.

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Thanks !

I will start it manually from now on, as often as I looked for Updates before.
Will miss that blue box in my menu bar :slight_smile:

Only if its a problem for you. I like the fuzzy comfort of keeping on top of latest :speckle: releases :smiley:

I am also interested in the latest possible release.

I look for updates nearly daily and have Betas on.
But there isn’t a daily update.
I think I’ll lose maximum 3 days when I watch it weekly.
And I watch this Forum.

Hey @zoomer Connector updates are released more or less with a monthly frequency, and we always send a ping of the forum as well as via our newsletter.

Regarding Manager, it definitely should not be hogging that much memory, we’ll see if we can repro it on our end, but on windows it never goes above ~150mb for me.
I know the Avalonia team (framework we’re using) is releasing a big update soon with considerable performance updates, so :crossed_fingers: for that too!

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For me it looks like the memory consumption just increases over time.
Here on M1 Mini it starts with 417(/687 phys.) MB and
needs a third of a CPU core/thread (34%) permanently when showing the Window.

When I close the Window, memory stays the same but CPU goes back to 17%.
So Speckle is my top CPU using App when the Mac Mini is idling.

I am looking forward to the framework updates.

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