Speckle Grasshopper stream receive broken

After updating to grasshopper component 2.4.1 we started encountering a problem where we cant receive the streams because it gives a message that index is out of range.

This problem occurs on 2 systems here locally. The others aren’t updated to the newer component and I’m afraid to update them because it would cause delays in our implementation of speckle.

Hi @Jvpoel could you share the stream with us so we can test on our side? :slight_smile:

I’ll try to reproduce your steps to see if it’s a quick fix and if so release a minor version to fix it. But it would help if we can also see the data that was sent from your computer

Thanks for reporting this!

P.D meanwhile, you can roll back to the previous version by manually downloading 2.4.0 from https://speckle-releases.netlify.app/

Hello again @Jvpoel!

I’ve managed to pin-point where the issue was coming from and released version 2.4.2 for Grasshopper that should fix it!

You should be getting the notification in your Speckle Manager soon enough! :slight_smile: