Speckle Excel - Data order

Hi Specklers,

For a current tooling project we’d like to stream all engineering results to Speckle to make use of the Speckle Excel client, and in the future, potentially other clients as well.

I just did some very basic tests and noticed that the order of the columns is not being maintained when sending the data. Wondering if I found an issue, or is there something I’m doing wrong ? :face_with_monocle:

See screenshots for further explanation:

Sending data:

Receiving data:

Hope someone could help! The ordering of the columns is critical for this project :slight_smile:

With kind regards,

Dirk Sliepenbeek

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Hey @dirksliepenbeek ,
For flat data, like an excel sheet, it’s best to send it “without headers”.
If you do so, the order should be maintained.


Otherwise, if sending it “with headers” we are sorting properties alphabetically.
Let me know if this is a deal-breaker and we’ll dig a bit deeper to see what we can do :slight_smile:

Hi @teocomi,

Cool this will do the job for me, thanks. Have to say that functionality with headers in a defined order would be really useful, the user will have more control on filtering when importing the data in Excel which could be desirable in some cases. So it’s not a dealbreaker, but more a nice-to-have I would say :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the help.