Speckle does not install on Blender 3.2

Hello, it looks like Speckle doesn`t install on latest stable release Blender 3.2

Not yet. But you can use it with earlier versions or you can manually put it in the add-ons folder.

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I tried and placed it in the addons but when activating it gives an error
ModuleNotFoundError : No module named specklepy but yeah, meanwhile can use 3.1.

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in order for the connector to work, you also need its dependencies available for blender’s packaged python to be able to run it.


if you already have the connector installed in eg 3.1, you should be able to just copy over the whole modules directory directly

note you can also use python to manually pip install specklepy into this location yourself using the --target= arg, but you must use the correct version of python for your blender install ( i believe it should be python 3.10 for blender 3.2)


You are right. now it worked !