Speckle default globals customization

Hi all,

We are thinking of adding a bit of customization to the default (placeholder) globals. We have two changes in mind and wanted to get feedback before we dove into the coding:

  1. Specify the list of placeholder globals in an env variable, as opposed to being hardcoded.
  2. Add an env variable called something like ADD_DEFAULT_GLOBALS_ON_CREATE that will be defaulted to false, but will add the placeholder variables on stream creation.

Why? This allows server admins to set up specific variables (for example, project code, name, region, discipline…) to encourage consistency across an organization.

We know that improvements to Projects and Teams are on the roadmap, so this proposal is limited in scope to not add any new complexity to the UI and UX.


Sounds good! How about we figure out a way to save this settings in the server_config table and expose these options (both create globals on init, and the placeholder globals object) via the admin settings?

I would prefer this route over env variables as they make the actual config more user friendly, and you wouldn’t need to fiddle with env vars, restart the server to actually pick it up, etc.


That sounds good! We’ll do it that way