Speckle and Vectorworks Integration

Does Speckle integrate with VectorWorks?



Hi @machiel, unfortunately not. It’s also the first time it’s been requested! I’ve used vectorworks a lot in a past life as an architect, can’t say i was a big fan as a user - but that’s not the point :slight_smile:

We’ll look into it, and let’s hope there will be more voices asking for it (helps with the prioritisation of our tasks)!

I agree, it’s not been the most widely discussed software I’ve dealt with when talking to our clients.
I was more asking on a curiosity level to see if there will be something a long that line of integration as I can see the potential of VectorWorks as a design tool (like grasshopper & rhino or even sketchup) and transferring the 3D geometry to relevant Revit families for documentation.

FYI, this isn’t a high priority item so you don’t have to push this type of integration.

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Hi, I’m a Vectorworks user and I’m discovering Speckle just since a few days. Still, it looks very promising to me and I think the ability to use it with/from Vectorworks would be really interesting!


Count me in for Vectorworks too.