Speckle and PowerBI with Excel

Was someone able to connect Speckle with PowerBI and Excel. I would like to compare some note here.

Hello @Alberto_tono, I still need to write docs on this. For now, i’m copy pasting from some internal docs we have in Arup (mind you, this applies to getting data in from a speckle endpoint):

You can use this as a base: https://hestia.speckle.works/api/streams/xxTNRBXwn/objects. It’s a random stream :slight_smile:

More or less the same applies to excel. There’s some extra steps this doc misses for now, but we’ll try and write it down in the docs as soon as possible.

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Thanks you so much,
What you guys are mainly importing in PowerBI,
are you able to achieve a similar result? Export Revit Rooms for use in a Power BI Shape Map Visual - YouTube

Not really yet. Proving ground’s video works with rooms. The Revit plugin is really at an early alpha stage (read: WIP), and for now you can export rooms, but not from the whole project. Better filtering and selection of what’s being sent from Revit is planned.

That being said, speckle can extract all that data, the rest is then just api queries and powerbi magic. We’ll get there :sunglasses:


Hi Dimitrie,
I was able to make it works , I had a lot of fun with the query builder of PowerBi,
now my next step would be to be able to have a live-connection with PowerBI web,
is it feasible? or would you recommend to create live dashboard visualization directly in Speckle?
Kind Regards

Hey Alberto, if you can automatically refresh the query in powerbi then it can be “live” (poll every minute or so?). I’m afraid that I don’t know anything much about powerbi though…

Building your own will be much more time consuming, but then you can subscribe to the websocket events for proper event handling. I wouldn’t recommend this route unless you have too much free time on your hands though :wink:

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Is there a beta for speckle-excel I can download and try on an Arup project?

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Instructions are here. We’re working on this to get it on the microsoft’s app store, but we’re not there yet. All credits go to @mishaelnuh for this :bowing_man:

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Hi Alberto, can you tell us more about the queries you used to achieve a similar result? Export Revit Rooms for use in a Power BI Shape Map Visual - YouTube ?

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Quick note that this thread is Speckle 1.0. There’s a new speckle excel connector that @teocomi pushed out, with new docs for it: Excel | Speckle Docs

It has a much friendlier interface and allows you to curate what data you receive in excel from a speckle revit model (and even select specific fields only).


Thank you so much for your help

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