Speckle 3D Viewer Scroll Problem on Filters

I have noticed that there is a bug on the 3D Viewer.
When I try to filter elements, a list of elemntens is shown but only the ones fitting on the screen. A scroll is needed to view them all.

I have attached a picture of the problem.


Thanks for reporting this - bonus points for the cool screenshot! From the (apparently dysfunctional) scrollbar I can see this is on Windows, but I can’t tell which browser you’re using - that could help us!

I’ve tried reproducing on my end, and I can’t (chrome, edge) :cry:

Hi, sorry for the low information on my previous comment. On te previous picture I was using Google Chrome on PC.

Now I’m attaching 2 pictures from Google chrome on my Android with the same problem.

Maybe it will me nice to display the total number of items from selected category, so user can be certain that all items are shown.

This is the link of the protect I was using.

Best Regards and thanks for the awesome work on Speckle.