Speckle 2 for Revit - Could not load

Hi all,
I am getting a loading error for Revit 2021.1.7 since the connector update to the latest beta version (2.13.0- beta 6). What could be the reason for this?
Thanks for the help!

Thanks for this report on our beta release, we’ll be sure to check this out prior to the 2.13 release!

Hi @ltascheva ,

While we’re investigating this, could you please ensure that, if you have it installed, the Dynamo connector is on the same exact version as the Revit Connector?

Hi @teocomi
I do not have the Dynamo Connector installed. The only connectors which I have are for Revit, Rhino & Grasshopper and they had all the same version. I switched them all back to the 2.12.2 and it works again. It seems to be an issue with the latest beta version.


Hello @ltascheva

Thank you very much for bringing this error to our attention. We’ve identified what was going wrong and we have fixed it! Our next release will work on Revit 2021


Hi @ltascheva, this should have been fixed in 2.13, can you please try with it?